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It's not *really* about the food

It’s never really about the food.

Or what your body looks like, either.

You’ve probably heard that before but have you truly given thought to what that means?

Fundamentally, at its core, destructive behaviors with food and body hatred are coping mechanisms.

They’re attempts to deal with the pain caused by living in a fatphobic society and the pain of unhealed wounds/trauma.

Essentially, we develop disordered eating & eating disorders in an attempt to feel better.

Unfortunately, though, they’re ineffective attempts at a solution to our pain and they’re maladaptive by nature, creating new problems in their wake (diet-binge cycling, emotional turmoil, mental agony, chronic yo-yo-ing, and so on).

True healing does not come from food & weight control - it comes from undressing the pain we are trying to avoid through food & weight control.

When you address the deeper needs and core wounds, the disordered behaviors become less appealing.

That’s how you stop feeling crazy around food and hating your body.

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