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Binge Eating. It's such a difficult thing to be struggling with.

As I've mentioned before, it ruled my life for years. I looked forward to it and at the same time hated myself because of it.

What I didn’t know back then that I know now is that binge-eating is the almost certain result of restriction (or dieting or living in the "diet mentality"). There is a lot of research and science to back this up. It's how our bodies work (see here, here and here).

If you're questioning this, take a look at your own experience. Did you start dieting and restricting before you started binge eating? The answer is probably yes.

To develop peace and sanity around food you have to not be seduced back into dieting and restricting, or thinking that controlling yourself with willpower is the answer... When life gets chaotic,

or you feel like you’ve “fallen off the wagon,”

or you “feel fat,”

or you get stressed,

or your parents make a comment on your body,

or you start dating someone new.

You have to move through these triggers and not let emotions like insecurity and self-doubt drive your actions. You have to want to break free from the cycle more than you want to return to it.

Often dieting, like other disordered relationships with food (extreme emotional eating/bingeing/ED's) are coping mechanisms for other areas of our life. And believe it or not, eating is not the source of the behavior.

Eating is not the issue.

So often we think if we could just stop eating things would be fine, but that's not how this thing works.

The restriction, like the act of not allowing yourself to eat, the act of trying to control the f*ck out of yourselves, is what leads to biological and psychological implications that result in binge eating.

The access to freedom from bingeing is not more restriction and control, it’s eliminating restriction all together. It's giving yourself unconditional permission to eat what you love and what makes your body feel good.

Soul and body nourishing stuff like this bowl pictured below that also resembles the bowls from my cookbook. Shameless plug. :)

In order to feel normal around food you have to loosen your grips on it and not be seduced back into dieting.

healthy food no binge eating

Binge Eating Recovery Resources

To learn more about how to heal your relationship with food, check out my free video training series HERE.

You can also check out my podcast, Love Your Bod Pod, on Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Lastly, you can also check out my books, or online course.

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