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Diet Culture has tricked us into believing that weight loss = happiness.

But...., if making weight loss occur requires you to micromanage every bite you take, leaving you stressed, anxious and preoccupied with food, that isn't going to stop being the case simply because your body is smaller.

You'll be just as anxious, stressed, and preoccupied trying to keep it small.

Skipping social events, spending hours at the gym, compensating for any "slip up's," justifying not eating, earning anything you deem "bad," tracking every calorie or macro, freaking out over the slightest fluctuation on the scale.

Your self-esteem and body image will be as fragile as ever because you tighten the attachment of your worth (and happiness) to your weight.

The problem with this myth from diet culture (that thinness = happiness) is that the pursuit of shrinking your body almost always shrinks your life, too.

It's a tough truth, but sometimes the only way to truly be happy and have a fuller life with food freedom means having a fuller body, too.

xo C

Body Image & Binge Eating Recovery Resources

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