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*This post is brought to you by Daiya, all opinions are my own

Since healing my relationship with food and taking sugar off of a fear based pedestal, I have found that I don't crave sweet food nearly as much as I used to. I mean, I used to think I was addicted to sugar.

And I know I am not alone in that thinking.

So many of us think that sugar is addictive (after all, that's what were told by the *experts*) and so naturally, we fear it.

And while I truly believe the feeling of addiction is real..., based on research I've read, I no longer think physiologically we're actually addicted to the substance sugar itself.

Rather, when we find ourselves on one extreme side of the spectrum, eating allll the sugar, we think we need an equally extreme measure to make it stop, insert sugar detox and complete avoidance.

Then this "all or nothing" mentality with sugar makes most of us a little cray cray and influences the feeling of addiction.

As soon as we say we can't have sugar, all we seem to think about is sugar and that "once I pop, I can't stop" thing takes effect. After all, what you resist, persists.

But what if there was a third option?

Where you're allowed to have sugar in an amount that feels good to you and leaves you feeling satisfied. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well this third option is real. Its not all the sugar, or no sugar at all, there is a middle ground, I promise!

And since I no longer think I can't have sugar or that it's the devil and will probably lead to early death, I am pretty chill around it. I can eat some, enjoy it massively and then calmly move on with my day.

It's pretty great and I want this for you as well if it's something you're dealing with. Reach out for a discovery call if you'd like to make peace with sugar.

My point is..., I truly believe we can have sugar in our lives and have a normal relationship with food! It's not one or the other.

Anyways, recently I have found myself wanting something sweet in the afternoon, either after lunch or around that 3:00 pm mark and have been reaching for Daiya Yogurt Alternative.

While it is an alternative to dairy based yogurt, I don't see it as an "alternative" yogurt, it's just yogurt to me and it's actually freaking delicious.

Truthfully, dairy sensitivity or not, I believe I would prefer this, it's that good. Even my boyfriend, after having his first bite, said he was surprised by how good it was. Go figure!

SIDE NOTE: (click here to read my post on intuitive eating with food sensitives in case you're curious why I eat dairy free stuff and how I remain an intuitive eater)

The texture is so velvety, rich and creamy from the coconut base, and has just enough sweetness, it does not at all taste saccharine like so many yogurts I've tried in the past.

Nor does it have a weird after-taste like other dairy free yogurts or "sugar free" varieties that use artificial sweeteners.

Honestly, if I am going for something sweet, give me the real sugar instead of the fake stuff so my craving actually gets satisfied! Which is another thing I love about this yogurt, it's made with real sugar, but not overloaded, so it does not spike my blood sugar, and my energy levels stay steady through the end of the day! It's truly a product a love and confidently recommend if you're looking for a yogurt or a snack to bring some sweetness into your life.

For the bowl pictured, I used my favorites, their Peach and Blueberry, topped with with granola, fresh bluebs, rose petals, coconut flakes and chia seeds. All the flavors are delish, but I like these two the best!

xo C

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