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Vitamin P. P stands for Pleasure- and it’s actually really important.

Diet culture has stolen pleasure from us because most, if not all, people trapped in a disordered eating cycle have a hard time not feeling crazy around food.

Which doesn't exactly translate to pleasure and joy from eating.

The problem is humans are hardwired to receive pleasure from eating, but when eating is just about gaining and losing weight, it's damn near impossible to absorb it into your system.

And it is just as vital as vitamins A, C, E, K & B's.

Studies show that our pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction around and during mealtime affect the body's ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients.

That means that just thinking that something is bad for you is likely to inhibit the ability of the body to digest well, triggering bloat and physical discomfort. Not good for body image.

So that means the more we allow ourselves to enjoy what we are eating, the more likely we will have quality digestion and stop when full because we will have received the pleasure necessary to feel satisfied.

Often, we overeat not because we enjoy food too much but because we don’t allow ourselves enjoy it enough!

How many times have you been eating something, cake, cookies, chips, bread, whatever, but the entire time you're eating it, you're telling yourself "it's bad, it's wrong, you shouldn't be eating it" and you're worried about what it is going to do to your body?

When you do this, you are not actually allowing yourself to experience pleasure. You are essentially restricting that food even though you are putting it in your mouth.

So you just keep eating and eating and eating.

The actual food is only part of what our body's needs to feel full, we need pleasure in order to feel satisfied. Plenty of people keep eating even though they are full, it's only when we are satisfied that we stop.

Learn more about Vitamin-P restriction and how it triggers binge eating here.

xo C

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