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All too often in life, but especially around the holidays, we feel the need to earn or make up for the food we eat.

Be it Halloween candy, Thanksgiving stuffing, or Christmas cookies.

Perhaps you feel like you have to work out extra hard to “burn off” the candy or…,

Skip breakfast and lunch before Thanksgiving to earn the extra stuffing you plan to eat at dinner or…,

You plan to remove carbs after Thanksgiving to make up for the pie and mashed potatoes or….,

You plan to go on a crazy diet and set the New Years Resolution to lose 30 lbs.

But thinking that you need to earn or make up for your food has serious implications for binge eating.

While it may not be a conscious thought, intentionally skipping meals leading up to a meal or planning to only “eat clean” afterwards sets the precedent that you know you are going to binge eat, to over do it.

Having the thought of “I must earn my food” implies “I know I am going to eat all the things and then some.”

Just like planning to “make up for my food” implies “I am going to eat wayyyyy to much but it's okay, I’ll just eat less later.”

The implication is “I know I am going to binge.”

It’s basically creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. By planning on it happening, you are creating the space for it to happen.

The act of "earning" or "making up for" food is riding the Restrict-Binge Pendulum swing.

Stop trying to earn or make up for your food and watch your eating slide into balance.

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