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I was craving an ice cream cookie sandwich so I had an ice cream cookie sandwich.

Not fruit, not oatmeal with cinnamon, not granola.

A MF ice cream cookie sandwich. Have you ever had the experience where you get a craving for something sweet and you immediately fear it? (sugar, carbs oh my!). You decide to *try* to curb the craving with something "healthy" or "clean." Back in the day I always tried to get rid of a craving for ice cream with sugar-free yogurt. (BTW it doesn't work). I'd eat the yogurt, not feel satisfied, and keep snacking on things until I was stuffed. Yet... I'd still have ice cream on the brain. I was full but not satisfied. (more on this here) Now I just eat the ice cream. I enjoy it, bite by bite, and really let myself savor it (not inhaling it quickly out of shame). When you resist cravings they persist.

When you honor them, you satisfy them, so they go away.

And then you can move on with your life instead of obsessing over the food!


Cara P.S. Pictured is the Tahitian Vanilla by @coolhaus. 10/10 recommend. Seriously is so f-ing good.

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