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One more time fam:

Emotional eating is ok.

Someone slide into my DM's on Instagram asking how to stop eating emotionally...

First things first, you do not need to stop emotionally eating, in fact, all humans eat emotionally to some degree, some of the time, i.e. birthday cake or wedding cake to celebrate or ice cream when sad. It's all good.

Truthfully, trying to not eat emotionally is kinda the same thing as trying to not eat carbs.

The restriction eventually leads to rebellion and you will fall face first into the bread basket and eat your feelings.

The real problem is we are SO focused on not eating and losing weight that we completely neglect the underlying cause of our disordered behaviors around food in the first place... including:

Our internalized fatphobia and weight-bias,

Our unwillingness to work on body acceptance,

Our villainization of emotional eating in the first place,

Our lack of interest in dealing with our real & true emotional hungers and needs or,

Our avoidance of feeling our feelings all together.

NO.... we just want to stop emotionally eating and lose weight.

And when our main motivation for ending emotional eating is weight loss, we stay stuck in a loop of self-sabotage.

Our reliance on food in times of emotional duress is correlated with how obsessed we are with food, and our food obsession is correlated to how badly we want to manipulate our weight and body.

This means easing up on emotional eating requires us to ease up on our need to control our food, and in order to ease up on our need to control our food we have to ease up on our need to control our weight...,

Which requires us to do some serious inner work:

So our weight no longer influences our self-esteem and sense of self-worth,

so we respect our body and learn to trust it,

so we let go of our fear around food and honor our cravings,

so we have a genuine desire to care for ourselves emotionally to improve the quality of our life not just look nice on the outside.

When we do that, food is taken off of the pedestal and loses it's power.

We end up learning how to cope effectively without relying on food so much.

Essentially, when we decide emotional eating is OKAY, we end up no longer emotionally eating.

xo Cara

PS. if you want help getting to this place, I'd love to help you, click here to learn more about 1:1 coaching

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