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Carl Jung says that what you resist persists. My coach and friend, Brandilyn Tebo says it, too.

And if I take a look at my history with food, it also rings true.

I used to always try to suppress my cravings for foods, especially carbohydrates (I was a self-proclaimed carbophobe).

But the more I tried to resist certain foods, the more my cravings for them persisted (and intensified).

When I was in the throes of my ED and wanted pasta, I would try to satisfy the craving with something else that I didn’t think would make me gain weight.

Obviously, I would be unsatisfied, so I’d go reaching for something else… AND still, I’d be unsatisfied, so I’d reach for something else until I was knee deep in a binge.

Now when I want pasta, I just eat pasta, enjoy the food and then I move on with my life.

I'd put a METAPHORICAL PERIOD after the experience.

Craving is satisfied so carving goes away.

No binge eating.

Just a satisfied, nourished and happy body.

Now this did take time, I had to practice habituation and unconditional permission to eat, but it truly works. I no longer day dream about fetticini alfredo.

I no long resist my cravings, so they do not persist.

xo C

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