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Just because you set out to heal your relationship with food does not mean that recovery will be a straight line,

That you wont ecounter twists and turns and bumps in the road.

You absolutely will. That's life.

You may have been practicing intuitive eating for a some time and doing ok while you were in your normal routine but then something happens, or you find yourself at your parents house or a friends birthday party,

and now you are surrounded by all the foods you typically binged on.

You're out of your routine and a little stressed.

And although you've made some progress, you end up being triggered and fall back into binge eating.

Which of course leaves you feeling like you've lost all your progress, that you are a failure and uniquely broken. Why can't you just figure this thing out?

But here is the thing, becoming an intuitive and normal eater takes time and practice.

Dedication even.

You see..., Tiger Woods didnt pop out of the womb, play golf once and become one of the best golf players the world has ever seen.

Hell to the fuck no.

He had to practice, he had to keep showing up, day after day. Even after the days that he sucked.

You know... fall down 7, get up 8.

Just because you started the recovery journey does not mean you wont have some "bad" days.

"Bad days" are not even bad, they are just an opportunity to reflect, learn and discover.

They are part of the process.

Recovery is not a straight line it's a mother effin scribble.

Have some compassion on yourself, its not supposed to be perfect.

xo C

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