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I was always my worst self on Thanksgiving. Or any day dedicated to food really.

It used to be a free for all for me. I would binge and purge like 10 times that day. Maybe more. Not only was I stressed but I was wickedly insecure, caring about everyones opinions and over analyzing every. single. word. I. said. which led to the compulsive over eating... I just didnt know how to eat normally or be around food without it sending me off the deeeeeeep end.

So if you can relate then these tips are for you.

n u m b e r 1.

Focus on the amazing people in your life that you get to spend time with. Talk with those humans, get out of your head, be present, get connected to them. Take the focus off of yourself and the food.

n u m b e r 2.

Eat breakfast and lunch. Don’t skip meals knowing you’re having a big dinner... that does not set you up for success biologically, mentally or emotionally. In this post I talk about the biological side of it and how you can manage your appetite and blood sugar to decrease the chances of a binge. Emotionally and mentally, skipping meals is a way to actually anticipate and create space for the binging and over eating. Mitigate that by treating it like any other day.

n u m b e r 3.

Truly enjoy every bite of food... what does it smell like, taste like, look like. slow down if ya need too and check in. If you slow down enough to ejoy each bite, you will eat slower, enjoy it more, and sense your internal cues of satiety.

n u m b e r 4.

Dont beat yourself up for eating too much food or having dessert. Allow it to be a complete experience instead of it meaning you have to restrict or only eat salad, or workout extra hard for the next week. Have some pie and then be done with it. it means nothing except that you had some pie. no biggie. Often we eat unhealthy and then take that experience with us on to the next experience and make it mean more then it is. The extra shame and guilt has no value nor is it productive. Enjoy the meal and then put a period (.) at the end of it.

n u m b e r 5.

Move your body, go for a walk or a hike to help with digestion, stress and because it feels GOOD not because you “should.”

n u m b e r 6.

Practice gratitude and give thanks. It’s hard to be stressed and grateful at the same time.

n u m b e r 7.

Trust your built in body wisdom and intuition about foods. If you know a certain food doesn’t agree with you, honor that. Don’t let the pressure of others or the holiday stop you from doing you. But if you want that food then eat it and enjoy it. DO YOU! I know that around the holidays our family and friends can push us to eat or make comments about our bodies or what's on our plate. Remember that you have every right to stand in your power and do what you know is best for you.

lots of love, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am always here if you need support.

You got this, sista.

xo, C

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