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Take it from a girl who has experienced her fair share of burnout and has absolutely been influenced by #hustle culture.

We glamorize the "workaholic", pulling all-nighters, grinding our face-off as if that's what's required to get ahead, to be worthy, to be good enough.

You know, that whole "attaching your worth to your productivity" thing. Been there.

But pushing through until you can not push any more doesn't always mean you will get there faster, or with better results. It just means you push until you can't push anymore.

Imagine you're taking a long road trip and your car is almost out of gas. Instead of pulling over to refuel, you go until your tank is empty. What could have been a short break before being on your way again, turned into a much longer wait for someone to pull over to help or for AAA to arrive. This delay was unnecessary and completely avoidable.

Running until you're on empty is not worth it. In your car or in your life.

Resting before you're on E will get you to your destination, often more quickly and effectively.

Now to further drive this point home (and because I love analogies) Imma gonna give you one more.

When we exercise, we are tearing down our muscles, it's not until we rest that our muscles have a chance to rebuild and get stronger.


It's the rest that makes you stronger, not the working part in and of itself.

So here is your permission slip.

Rest this weekend. It's good for you. :)

xo C

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