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As an Aries, I am no stranger to a lack of patience.

To want to just hurry up and be at my destination already- whatever it is (a skill, an emotion, a location, an income level or some place other than where I am currently at).

I want things to be like a light switch- quickly going from On to Off with the flick of my finger. But most things in life are not like that.

They take time. They're a process.

You know... "it's about the journey, not the destination."

And this desire to rush things or to lack patience with ourselves in the healing process is something I encounter all the time with my clients who are working towards Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating.

They are frustrated that they aren't *there* yet.

They want to just hurry up and be recovered already without having to actually do the work.

They are upset that they still struggle with certain fear foods.

That thoughts of foods haven't completely gone away.

That they don't have the level of trust with themselves and their body that they think they "should".

Or they still have bad body image days.

But here is the thing, Micheal Jordan didn't just decide to become one of the best basketball players we've ever seen and then the next moment he was the best. No.

He started to practice, got cut from his high school team, and kept practicing. He refined and learned from his mistakes. He strength trained. He put in the work consistently, over time and eventually became the player we all know him to be.

Recovery is a process of practicing, messing up, learning from your mistakes, practicing more, refining your skills, strengthening your mindset, practicing some more, and putting in the work consistently, over time and eventually you have food freedom and become an intuitive eater.

It's not something you can bypass.

Its something you have to work through.

It's a process that requires practice, patience and time.

So take a deep breath, and remember slow and steady.

xo Cara

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