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About two years ago in January of 2016 I moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix. To this day quitting my big girl corporate job to open a cute little cafe was one of the riskiest and scariest things I have ever done.

Before the move I had a lot of preconcieved notions that the restaurants were all going to suck, there wasn't going to be organic food anywhere and the farmers markets would surely be sub-par.

I was mostly wrong about everything.

There really were some good restaurants, but very few organic ones, they had all the same grocery stores and believe it or not the farmers markets were awesome. Dare I say it... even better than the ones in LA?

Eh, look I know thats pushing it.

Basically because there are significantly less people in Phoenix, the entire experience of going to the farmers market was more intimate. It was less crowded, parking was easier and the vendors quickly started to remember me as a regular.

Everything about the visits just seemed more at ease; the people, the produce and vibe. On my very first trip to the farmers market in Old Town Scottsdale I a came across LITERALLY. the. best. microgreens. ever.

And I've tried a lot of microgreens in my day.

The ones from trader joes go bad in a day. The whole foods one have minimal flavor. and well there are few vendors (ok like none that I have seen) at the markets in LA that I go too.

The mini but mighty greens I immediately fell in love with were from Arizona Microgreens. It quickly became a weekly stop for me.

I served them at my cafe with several dishes and I ate them daily with like everything. Toast, soup, smoothies, wraps, salads, eggs, burritos. Everything looks better and is healthier with microgreens added so dont hold back. Hell, I'd even put some in a cocktail if I was any good at making them.

Microgreens are these powerhouses of concentrated nutrients. Easier to eat and better for you then the full grown plant. If you are not on the microgreen train, get on.

The owners of the company are two really awesome guys that are so easy to love and when you try their product its impossible to not become a raving fan like me.

When they reached out and asked if I'd create some recipes for them I was beyond flattered and of course I said a hell yes. The Arizona Republic did a several page spread and article on them so I even got to be featured in the paper which just made my mom so proud.

These recipes will show you just how versitle and easy they are to use in your daily life.

Remember, microgreens are wayyyyyy more then a garnish.



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