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Something I have been having a lot of fun with recently is connected to my family heritage through Italian cuisine. I've used traditional Italian ingredients like mozzarella, ricotta, pepperoni, soppressata, and more in various dishes. It's a really valuable aspect of food that Diet Culture disconnects us from. Since the only thing that matters in diet culture is weight loss and losing weight can sever ties to our culture. I know that for years would not cook or eat with these types of ingredients but the older I get the more meaningful it is to me to connect with my family roots in this way.

Smoked mozzarella, soppressata, basil, and hot honey are a popular combination of ingredients in Italian cuisine, particularly in dishes like pizza, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards. There are a few reasons why these ingredients go so well together:

  1. Smoky and salty flavors: Smoked mozzarella and soppressata both have a distinct smoky and salty flavor, which complement each other well. The smokiness of the cheese and meat can also pair well with the sweetness of the hot honey.

  2. Herbaceous flavor: Basil adds a fresh and herbaceous flavor to the combination, which can balance out the richness of the cheese and meat. The herbaceous quality of the basil can also help to enhance the other flavors in the dish.

  3. Sweet and spicy contrast: Hot honey adds a sweet and spicy contrast to the other ingredients. The sweetness of the honey can help to balance out the saltiness of the cheese and meat, while the spiciness can add an additional layer of flavor and complexity to the dish.

Overall, the combination of smoked mozzarella, soppressata, basil, and hot honey provides a balance of smoky, salty, herbaceous, sweet, and spicy flavors that work together harmoniously. When utilized in pasta, with some basil, parmesan, and lemon, it is literally to die for. It's just delicious! And I am SO into it. I think my Italian Nonna would be super proud!

Smoked Mozzarella, soppressata, hot honey, parmesan, basil & lemon spaghetti


1 lbs whole wheat spaghetti

5 tbsp salted butter

2 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon, zest and juice

1 clove garlic, crushed or minced

8oz smoked mozzarella, shredded

4 oz soppressata, thinly sliced

Black pepper

Parmesan, for garnish

Fresh basil, for garnish

Hot honey, to top


Cook spaghetti in a large pot of generously salted water. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water. Drain the pasta, and transfer it back to the pot. Add in the olive oil, butter, lemon zest, and juice, garlic and 1/4 cup reserve water, to start, use more as desired.

Mix well, and then toss in the mozzarella and soppressata. Mix until the cheese is melty.

Divide amongst bowls, top with freshly cracked black pepper, grated Parmesan cheese, chopped basil and hot honey. Enjoy!

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