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I know- we’re led to believe the key to eating healthfully is willpower, discipline & self-control but it’s not.

I don’t try to control myself around food at all.

Its not what has me reach for nutrient-dense foods like these bowls over other foods, and it's not what helped me heal from my eating disorder either.

Back in the day, the more I tried to control myself, the more out of control I became around food.

The reason I no longer binge eat is not because I developed superhuman willpower and control, rather it is the result of a profound shift in perspective towards food and weight.

It wasn’t until I let go and shifted my mindset to self-care that all of a sudden things began to change.

I started to look from the perspective of taking care of myself and my body, not trying to control it or change it. I started to see myself and my body as already inherently worthy and enough as they were, in the here and now- not X-LBS from now.

I started to experiencing eating as a form of self-care that helped me live the life I wanted, it was a form of self-care the fueled my energy so I could chase after my dreams and create a life I loved.

It is my devotion to taking care of myself (self-care) that has me eat the way I do, not my disciplined attempts to control myself (self-control) that does.

So every time I am thinking about what to eat, I ask myself what feels most like self-care.

Sometimes it really is the french fries and other times it’s kale & sweet potatoes. It’s moment to moment.

xo C

P.S. In my bowl: kale, rice, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, cashews, edamame, tahini

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