"Thank you food, for all your support over the years,

for being something I could attempt to control when I felt the world around me crumble.

Thank you food, for being something to take my mind off of life,

for letting me numb the pain I wasn't ready to face.

Thank you food, for helping cope,

supporting me through all the dark times when I had no hope.

Thank you food, for adding sweetness to the sour circumstances,

and the bland ones, too.

Thank you food, for alerting me to the deep inner work I had to do."

-C/O Cara at age 22.


When we strip away all of our judgement for eating emotionally, and stop thinking it's a problem we need to fix, we finally have the space to see it for what it is:

A signal that an area of our life needs our attention...., that likely has little to do with food or weight.

xo C

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